Royal Wahingdoh Football Club

RWFC in preliminiary round of the Federation Cup 2011, Kolkata

Shillong Premier League 2010 Champions
Shillong Under -19 Champions 2010
All India Independance Day Football Cup Nagaon 2010 Runners Up
All India Steel Express Trophy 2011 Runners Up

The Royal Wahingdoh Football Club is one of the leading teams of the Meghalaya Football League.

The club is professionally organized and has excellent facilities for coaching and development of our players. The RWFC strives to be professionally managed on all fronts, and its overall management and organizational staff are fully qualified with excellent credentials. In addition, we support local under 19 and under 15 teams; mentoring and coaching young players nurturing their potential to be future football stars as well as leaders in their communities.

We possess a strong and supportive fan-base. As one of the oldest clubs in the Meghalaya League with over fifty years of history, we have strong traditions and deep roots in our community. With our strong new management, we are reinventing the Club as a modern self-sustaining team.