Training camp 2010

In keeping with our plans for the growth and development of the club, the RWFC were in Goa for a training camp at Parvatibai Chowgule College Of Arts & Science , based in the south Goa city of Margao.

The team practiced at the Chowgule Sports and Fitness Centre and the Chowgule Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Centre , the state of the art facility started by Smt Parvatibai Chowgule College.

The centre with its 35ooo Sq. feet indoor capacity is equipped with sports and recreational fitness facility, featuring cardio equipment, selector machines, Iso kinetic machines, free weights, indoor running track, plyometrics platforms, dot drill mats and Olympic platforms for explosive lifts for elite athletes to recreational gym goers.  The sports medicine centre is designed to cater to all the sports persons and others who are suffering from all musculoskeletal alignments; It is equipped with x-ray unit to conduct a thorough diagnostics of the athletes as well as other individual who are seeking for pain relieving modalities. The centre also has hydro therapy pool to treat those athletes and others who are suffering from lower extremities injuries.

The RWFC was in Goa for a 3 week coaching camp (18th June 2010 to 7th July 2010), led by Mr. Carlton Chapman, former Indian team captain and Tata Football Academy Coach. The former East Bengal player has had several years of experience as a professional player as well as a professional football coach, and the RWFC looks forward to working with him as a their mentor on a ongoing basis over the next few months.

Goa Training Camp

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